5 BTO Kitchen Design Idea in Singapore

The kitchen is a vital room in most houses, and in contrast to most other rooms, which are normally used for specific purposes, the kitchen is commonly used for a range of issues, from cooking and consuming to relaxing and entertaining. This is why you will need to create the proper appearance and feel for your kitchen, as you want a room that you spend a number of time in to look good and feel snug. The small kitchen design in Singapore that you choose for your kitchen could also be primarily based on a variety of things, such as the type of the remainder of your private home, your funds, or the sort of feel and look that you just want to create for this room.  

BTO Kitchen Design Ideas

Choosing the right BTO kitchen design is a vital task. As you have to bear in mind the practically and functionally of your kitchen as well as the general appearance and ambiance of the room. With the suitable design you may create a room that is good on your wants in terms of sensible features.  But in addition, it appears to be beautiful and feels nice. No matter what form of end result you are in search of along with your kitchen you will see a spread of fabulous designs that could suit your wants perfectly. All you need is a kitchen specialist in Singapore to design your kitchen as you want. If you are thinking of redesigning your current kitchen or are putting a brand new kitchen in a brand new property, then the planning and kitchen design stage are critically vital. If you wish to carry in the kitchen on funds, then considering by way of the process and discovering the right resources will probably be key to success. So here are 5 BTO kitchen design ideas in Singapore.  

Single Wall Kitchen

As its name suggests, this layout pushes elements within the kitchen to a single wall. The need for lesser cabinets to be built helps homeowners to conserve floor space and construction costs. It also allows for increased efficiency. A well-planned design will avoid having work zones that are too far apart. In addition, you can also prep, cook, and wash up in a single space. This enhances your convenience and improves productivity in the kitchen. This is suitable for hdb small kitchen design ideas style=”font-weight: 400;”> if you have a small house.  

Open Shelving Kitchen

Unlike most kitchens with rows of cabinets built-in, having open shelves is unconventional. It creates an illusion that the kitchen is larger than it is. These shelves are also an excellent way to stow away your necessities. On top of that, they offer you an area to display your proud collection of tableware.  

L-Shaped Kitchen

Living up to its name, the basic L-shaped kitchen has two “legs” of base cabinets covered with a counter top. One leg is longer than the other leg, and much of the counter space is given by the longer leg. As seen here, the shorter leg may have a short, 24-inch run of a counter and an appliance or two, such as a wall oven and a fridge. The addition of an island can help better define the kitchen area within a large open plan living room. L-shaped kitchens can similarly make use of a lengthy countertop for expansive cooktop or serving space.  

U-Shaped Kitchen

The other name, called horseshoe kitchen, is characterised three walls of kitchen cabinets design. Today, the U-shaped layout kitchen has changed from three walls to L-shaped kitchen with an island that forms the third wall. U-shaped kitchens are perfect for rooms surrounded in windows, with an ample wrap of counter space surrounding an open floor plan. This design works well because it facilitates traffic flow and workflow across the island. To prevent this, choose just one or two walls along the upper cabinets, with open shelving, focal tiles or a hood on the other. This type of kitchen layout allows multiple users and provides an ideal workflow.  

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is arguably one of the most coveted kitchen designs. Besides its impressive appearance, it’s also extremely functional since it doubles as a storage unit and space for meal preparation. Most homeowners in Singapore are apartment dwellers, this means that space is a restrictive factor that prevents us from building an island. However, it’s not impossible. To incorporate an island counter into your kitchen, you just need to install a multi-purpose island and use a portable island.

Ovon-D Interior in Singapore

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