Home Renovation and Remodeling Ideas in Singapore

If you are looking for home remodeling, HDB renovation or home renovation ideas in Singapore, then this is the blog post for you! We have rounded up some of the best home design trends from around Asia including interior design. So whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, we will help guide you on how to make your home look just like a designer’s showroom.  


Are you moving into a new residence or just want to give your home an updated look with HDB renovation? Large and small spaces need careful planning, whether they’re classic in style, retro-themed or futuristic. After a long day at work all you really want is some quality time with the family. It can be as simple as watching your favorite series on TV together while lounging around during dinner; it could also involve going for walks when the weather’s good, playing board games together after school (with no pressure), making artwork side-by-side – anything that makes life more enjoyable where everyone can escape from their stressful jobs outside of these four walls: our living room space! A well laid out living room on HDB renovation will help make sure everything great.


  Picking the right plan for your dividers is the main in the rundown to handle. Contingent upon your favored air plan, the shadings and examples make contrasts.  There is divider sticker with a huge number of plans accessible in the market to add enthusiasm your dividers, including flower, trees, creatures and phrasings. For the tones, the vast majority will pick the light ones, for example, white, light blue and beige for the space to look greater. Working grown-ups like and you pine for a space to unwind on vacations and light paint tones can accomplish that. Splendid shadings like yellow and orange present to you a vivacious energy. Dull shadings like dark and dim give basic feel and outwardly make the room look more modest.  For a topical divider, here are a few suggestions on paint tone: 
  • Light blue for sea subject 
  • Dim blue for marine or mariner subject 
  • Pink for heartfelt subject 
  • Dark and brown for static subject 
  • Purple for rich subject 
You can have an element divider that coordinates with the divider shading too in a front room, behind the TV for instance. Kompac plus is a decent material on account of its different selections of plans: Wooden series, Motif example and Solid series.


One of the most important aspects to consider when designing a home is flooring. The many different materials available come in varying colors, textures, and designs – with pros and cons for each one. For those new to this process, choosing between trendy options like carpet or wood can be even more difficult than expected! Floor design has changed over time: thousands of years ago we used dirt floors; now there are natural stone tiles that mimic nature at its best as well as synthetic vinyls that offer durability without sacrificing beauty (just make sure you keep it clean!). And if nothing else works out? You could always go back to your roots- rediscover what our ancestors knew so long ago by using unfinished hardwood planks instead.
  • Marble. It is the sort of deck material with normal vein design. It is practically difficult to track down another piece with a similar example as they are generally exceptional. Marble surface is likewise covered with sparkles and its surface is cooling to stroll on. 
  • Slate-Lite. It’s anything but a stone facade with a genuine stone surface and adaptable cotton-based or fiberglass backing. Record Lite conveys an unbelievable light impact from the inside, making an amazing ground. Its remarkable examples, for example, California Gold and Molto Rosa address a vintage period. 
  • Granite. It is another normal stone that consolidates tasteful and toughness. Stone deck shows refinement and certainty of the house proprietor. There are numerous examples to look over: Emerald Pearl, Chinese Granite, Jet Black and some more. 
  • It’s anything but a composite material made out of coarse total reinforced along with a liquid concrete that solidifies over the long haul. The substantial floor has all the strength and toughness of a road or interstate. Appropriately fixed and cleaned substantial floor requires low upkeep.


You should consider the lighting in your living room when designing it. The lights you choose can change how people feel and also create a sense of size from various angles depending on where they are located. You’ll need three types – ambient, positional, and recessed light sources to fully illuminate any given space. Ambient light is used for overall illumination; this type provides an even glow throughout the entire room that’s great for socializing or activities like reading books in another area while someone else cooks dinner nearby with all their pots clanging away at once! Positional lamps direct beams of focused light onto specific tasks such as crafting hobbies or giving presentations around one person sitting behind a desk without worrying about blinding anyone who’s watching them speak into darkness since these directionalLighting is one of the most vital home design components. Lights are crucial for home development as well, they’re connected with how you feel in a specific room and what it conveys to somebody who’s visiting your home.
  • Daylight or natural light gives dream of room to your lounge. You will feel squeezed if the room doesn’t have adequate light, particularly if the room size is little and furniture are organized near one another. Sunshine has more grounded power in a deception of room since it light up the entire room (man-made lights just send to specific regions) and shows off the shades of your divider and furniture better. 
  • There are three interesting points: shading, usefulness and space. For the shade of your light, yellow and white lights make the room look more roomy and give a loosen up mind-set, while dull lights do the inverse. Every light in your room needs to fill a need and not only for enhancement, or it would be a misuse of power. A light fixture in the focal point of your parlor carries brilliant enlightenment to the room. You can likewise put a divider light to outwardly add length and size to it. At the point when you have a minuscule lounge, corner lights, divider sconces and crystal fixture on the roof can assist with lighting up your room.

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