5 Stylish Bedroom Ideas That are Easy to Do In Singapore

5 Stylish Bedroom Ideas That are Easy to Do In Singapore

For most of us, the year 2020 to 2021 is sure a hell of a ride. The pandemic effect in Singapore makes us stay home more than we usually do. Most activities like school and work have to be done in our home, especially the bedroom. It must be boring right? If you feel so, then you need to find bedroom ideas Singapore right away to save yourself from boredom!   Are you a newbie in creating or renovating your bedroom? You do not know where to go when you want to know anything about bedroom design in Singapore? Say no more! Ovon-D will always have the best answer to your design-related problems!You can enjoy the service of styling consultation and soft furnishing with Ovon-D. We assure that you will obtain your dream Singapore bedroom design!   Having a new look for your bedroom can be fun, but where can you get the ideas to make your bedroom more stylish? It does not matter if you are an HDB or landed property owner, in this article, you will get 5 easy ways to have a stylish bedroom in Singapore!  

Rearrange and Reposition are the Keys!

Who knows that the positions of everything in your bedroom can affect your mood? Getting a fresh look for your bedroom such as repositioning your bed or cabinets and rearranging your artworks or framed pictures will give you a more pleasant atmosphere so yeah, it does affect your mood AND will make your bedroom stylish!   You do not always have to lean up your bed against the wall. You can put your bed in the middle of your bedroom or below the window, so the rays of sunshine will give all the light you need to read. Whether you are an artist or not, you can curate any artworks on your wall. Arrange them all you want, matching their frames or hang more pictures!  

Put Unused Furnitures Elsewhere

The thing that might stop you from having a spacious bedroom in an HDB Singapore is probably because you have too much furniture in your bedroom. If there are cabinets, wardrobes or tables that you do not need, you should definitely get rid of them.   If you think that your dresser is too big, you throw it away! Replace it with a clothes rail instead!  But first, you need to find new owners for your preloved clothes. Yes, you have to donate some of your clothes because if you hang them all, it will bend the rail!  

Add Some Chic Patterns

Plain walls and floor? Boring! Add some unique and fun patterns to your walls and floor! For the walls, you can apply a one-sided wallpaper. Make sure the wallpaper color tones match another side of the wall because it illustrates a bigger room.   Already installed plain tiles to your flooring? No problems! It’s never too late for a more fun flooring! Say goodbye to the plain floors because vinyl stickers will be your new friend! Cover your boring floor with wooden patterns from vinyl stickers. If you are too lazy to apply one, just lay  a patterned rug with the same motive as the one in the living room or try new patterns!  

Plants and Lamps are Never Lame!

Get a stylish bedroom by applying additional unique lamps and plants! Do you think that having a single lamp in your bedroom is enough? I don’t think so. We need additional lamps such as a night lamp or a reading lamp. Besides its functions, adding more lamps with quirky shapes like string lights, lanterns or a bulb can make your bedroom way more elegant.   Indoor plants are also great to be added to your bedroom. You can give a green-ish touch to your bedroom to make it more fresh and of course, trendy and stylish! It’s never wrong to bring nature to your dreams.  

Get the Bed Ready

In other words, wash your bed sheet and replace it with a new one. Sanitizing your bed every day is a must! Other than for hygiene reasons, changing your sheets will also prevent you from having a boring bedroom.   Not only the bed, but the pillows as well. Get some soft pillows, cover them with quirky patterned pillow sheets, stack them up and voila! There you have a lively bed! For a kids room, you might want to consider giving them the sheets according to the theme of their rooms.   Have you ever wondered why your bedroom is not as stylish as everyone’s? If yes, perhaps that is because you do not know how to create one. You do not have to put much effort into owning a stylish bedroom because there are a lot of easy ways for you to turn your monotonous bedroom into a stylish one!  

Ovon-D for All Your Interior Design Needs

If you are looking forward to having HDB renovation ideas in Singapore, then Ovon-D is the right interior design advisor for you! We have achieved the Singapore Trusted Enterprise Award because HDB and landed property owners in Singapore have been trusting us. With the services of materials proposal, space planning and conceptualized design, we can always give you the best for your interior needs. Contact us to enjoy our services or you can always come by at 53 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore.

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