5+ Bedroom Design Inspiration For Kids in Singapore

7 Simple Bedroom Design For Kids in Singapore That Will Inspire You

Bedroom is the main area in our home, especially for kids. They play, study and relax in the same room. Making your kids’ bedroom attractive is good for them because they spend a lot of their time in their bedroom. How is your kids’ bedroom design? Do they like their Singapore bedroom design? If not, it is time for you to redesign your Singapore Condo Interior with bedroom design Singapore.   In this pandemic situation, We stay at home to feel safe. So many parents work from home and so do their kids. All of them study room and play at home. Since we spend most of our time at home, it is better to make ourselves feel comfortable at home.    Nowadays it’s not surprising for parents to hear their kids keep saying “I’m bored” a lot more than before because they keep staying in their room for almost the whole day. So, making your kids feel comfortable in their room is a must to keep them away from boredom and feel relaxed.    But the problem is most homes in Singapore have a small bedroom and kids’ things are so many which make their room so small, stuffy and messy. This kind of bedroom will make our kids feel bored staying in their room. Doing a room makeover can resolve this problem. You can discuss the BTO bedroom design that your kids want. You can also discuss your HDB 4 room renovation with them. Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have more space to keep your things in your bedroom and it doesn’t mean we can make it look attractive. Here are 7 Simple Bedroom Design For Kids in Singapore That Will Inspire You!

Bedroom Design Singapore

For those of you who want to redesign your kids bedroom, please do not hesitate to contact Ovon Design! You can obtain project management renovation based on your budget. You can also discuss the bedroom design that suits your kids bedroom. But, do you want to know more about Singapore bedroom design? Let’s Check these out!  

Jungle Theme Bedroom For Kids

If your kids like lions and the jungle so much, these kids’ bedroom ideas will suit them. Paint a lion and leaf on the wall to make your kid’s bedroom look like a jungle. You can also add some wood bedding to make it look natural.

Featured Wall For Different Look

Color is the important thing to bedroom designing more spacious. People usually choose one color to paint their kids bedroom to make it simple bedroom design. To make it fresh you can mix the color. You can also  try to make a feature wall. It will add more interest and energy to your kids bedroom. It can impact how the room looks and feels.   

Bunk Bed For Cramped Bedroom

We usually have a cramped bedroom in Singapore.  Bunk beds can be a solution for you who are having more than one kid. You can install a bunk bed to your kids bedroom. It will make their room more spacious. You can also add curtains to their bunk bed to make it pretty. Children will love this idea.


Relaxing Spot For Happy Kids

 Bedroom is not a place for sleep only. Bedroom is also can be a place to relax. Making a spot to relax in your kids bedroom will make them happy. They can stay there to read their books or maybe play together with their siblings.

Minimalist Design For Simple Look

Bedroom is also a place for kids to study. Making their bedroom cozy and neat will help them to concentrate while studying. Installing a cabinet or wardrobe on the wall will increase their storage. They can keep their books, games and other things there. You can also put a table near the bed to make it easy to study. This will make their room look wider. You must try this to your Singapore condo interior. Your kids’ bedroom will be totally neat.  

A Canopy For Princess Bedroom

Do you have girls at home? These ideas will make them happy. Using a canopy above their bed will make your girls feel like a princess. You can also add a white cabinet between their beds to keep their things.   

Play Arena For Active Kids

A play arena in a bedroom? Why not? Adding a playing arena at your kids bedroom will make them happy. Due to this pandemic, they can’t play outside so adding a playing arena in your kids bedroom will make them stop saying that they’re bored.    

Ovon-D Interior in Singapore

Looking for an interior designer in Singapore? Contact Ovon Design right away! Ovon-D can help you to find your kids happiness by redesigning their bedroom. Ovon-D can make your kids bedroom design dream come true through our soft furnishing and styling consultation. So have you chosen your kids’ new bedroom design? Ovon-D can be your company! Designing, renovating, and creating an interior design for your kids bedroom will be more fun and easier.