7 Easy Bedroom Design Ideas in Singapore You Can Do

The bedroom is a place to relieve tiredness, enjoy your “me” time, or create a miracle. While it has a pretty important role in the household, your bedroom design ideas Singapore can set the theme and mood. No one wants a gloomy place that does not fit their preference.  To make this particular room a better place, there are always cheaper and easier designs to do. You don’t need to spend too much to create the perfect Singapore bedroom design ideas. Take a look at some of these concepts that will work the best as an HDB 4 room renovation design for your home living. 

Play With Room Dividers 

Small space or studio apartments come with one challenge, spacing. In this case, one of the best small bedroom designs Singapore that you can adopt is the room divider. If you are looking for more affordable options, take a look at shelve or furniture breaker.  It is not necessarily a bookshelf or shelving. You need a tall divider with some see-through space. This bedroom design idea Singapore needs a shelving in the same design theme and color, to blend with the surrounding. Thus, make the room appear bigger and increase the storage areas.    

Color Pick To Make Room Look Bigger

When the main problem is the space, you can try to use some colors. in this case, the design uses light earthy tones such as cream, white, and wood pattern. The uses of open shelf also help make the room look bigger. Don’t forget to choose the same minimalist furniture design that will come together in the whole small bedroom design ideas Singapore

Uses Platform Bed

Platform bed takes your bedroom to a new height, quite literally. Having this kind of bedroom design ideas Singapore will provide more than one benefit. You have to make a visual interest, extra storage, and also divide the space.  It does not need a lot of money to make since it just raises the height and gives more storage. To make it complement the whole design, use the complimenting color palette and use the whole area to make an elaborated area.  

Paint The Ceiling

To bring out a more aesthetically pleasing design and unique feature, try to paint the fifth wall a.k.a ceiling. This daring ceiling color with a splash of stary detail brings out a playful touch. Making it a perfect design for a kid’s room.  You can do the same with adults in your bedroom. You can paint the ceiling and feature wall design with the same dark color. These bedroom design ideas Singapore require you to be smart at choosing the furniture. Make sure you got a light-colored bed sheet and flooring to make a cool contrast yet warm taste.  https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/cl-november-2016-1558035816.png?crop=0.8374816983894583xw:1xh;center,top&resize=980:*

Add Visual Interest 

Another cheap yet endearing design is adding visual interest to your room. You can do it with more than one item or object. Bring out a more eye-attracting thing with color and texture. You can take a look at this picture that blends the soft carpeting, woven blanket, wooden furniture, and safari-styled wall decal, plus some paint.  The bedroom design ideas Singapore also make the room look fresh and attractive. The use of soft accent was splashed around the BTO bedroom design. They don’t need you to renovate the whole room. Play around with the furniture and items choice. Thus, you will get the design idea

Hang A Canopy 

A canopy can bring you a lot of tastes. Classy, luxurious, romantic, and beautiful. Your pick will eventually set the whole bedroom theme and feels. It is also versatile. You can use it for the master or the children’s bed. Overall, the idea is to create an ultimate serene escape. Thus, this affordable design can give you a unique vibe as simple as adding a hanging sheet!

Bring Seaters

Bringing and adding a seater in your room can make the whole bedroom design ideas Singapore looks complete. Small stoll, single seating, reading chair, or relaxing seat will help make the room look more special. Choose the one that suits the whole theme and color palette, so you have the best personal area.  Those are some ideas that you can use to renovate and set a new design for your bedroom. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash anyway. Some changes like a canopy, seating, or visual interest are enough. You can even make a room divider or platform bed that fits the apartment.

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